Automated Chess Play using Alexa
Super hard
  • 7,658
  • 38

Work in progress

Say Alexa the move, it is automated using the xy plotter that we have made especially for Chess.

Pebble Smartstrap: NFC Payments
Super hard
  • 8,405
  • 42

Secure, tokenized NFC payments through a Pebble Smartstrap housing a secure element.

Random Rumble Generator
Super hard
  • 627
  • 9

Work in progress

Random Rumble Generator allows you to equip random weapons in Destiny by using your voice.

Smart fridge (self-replenishing) + Amazon DRS php API
Super hard
  • 3,858
  • 23

Full instructions

The smart refrigerator is a refrigerator where a lot more can be done with it than just cooling food. it can also do shopping and more.

Cloud connected vaccine monitoring
Super hard
  • 1,633
  • 13

Full instructions

Over the cloud using data analytics we can predict if a vaccine vial is about to get spoiled (predictive analysis), so that it can be moved

Facial Recognition/RFID Lock with Raspberry Pi
Super hard
  • 1,923
  • 15

Python web application for a smart lock powered by Raspberry Pi. It features facial recognition, RFID, and control via a webapp.

Voice Activated Drink Mixer
Super hard
  • 3,098
  • 12

Full instructions

This sleek machine can mix juice cocktails or real ones (age permitting) on command and looks great on your counter.

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