Paul Langdon
Published © CC BY-NC-SA

Alexa Skill: Bucketlist

Ask Alexa for a bucket list item and it will be up to you to get it done. Over 800 ideas on how you can get you bucket empty (or full).

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Alexa Skill: Bucketlist

Things used in this project

Software apps and online services

AWS Lambda
Amazon Web Services AWS Lambda
Alexa Skills Kit
Amazon Alexa Alexa Skills Kit


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Lambda Service

// Route the incoming request based on type (LaunchRequest, IntentRequest,
// etc.) The JSON body of the request is provided in the event parameter.

var https = require('https');

exports.handler = function (event, context) {
    try {
        console.log("event.session.application.applicationId=" + event.session.application.applicationId);

         * Uncomment this if statement and populate with your skill's application ID to
         * prevent someone else from configuring a skill that sends requests to this function.
        if (event.session.application.applicationId !== "[unique-value-here]") {
   "Invalid Application ID");

        if ( {
            onSessionStarted({requestId: event.request.requestId}, event.session);

        if (event.request.type === "LaunchRequest") {
                function callback(sessionAttributes, speechletResponse) {
                    context.succeed(buildResponse(sessionAttributes, speechletResponse));
        } else if (event.request.type === "IntentRequest") {
                function callback(sessionAttributes, speechletResponse) {
                    context.succeed(buildResponse(sessionAttributes, speechletResponse));
        } else if (event.request.type === "SessionEndedRequest") {
            onSessionEnded(event.request, event.session);
    } catch (e) {"Exception: " + e);

 * Called when the session starts.
function onSessionStarted(sessionStartedRequest, session) {
    console.log("onSessionStarted requestId=" + sessionStartedRequest.requestId +
        ", sessionId=" + session.sessionId);

 * Called when the user launches the skill without specifying what they want.
function onLaunch(launchRequest, session, callback) {
    console.log("onLaunch requestId=" + launchRequest.requestId +
        ", sessionId=" + session.sessionId);

    // Dispatch to your skill's launch.

 * Called when the user specifies an intent for this skill.
function onIntent(intentRequest, session, callback) {
    console.log("onIntent requestId=" + intentRequest.requestId +
        ", sessionId=" + session.sessionId);

    var intent = intentRequest.intent,
        intentName =;

    // Dispatch to your skill's intent handlers
    if ("BucketListIntent" === intentName) {
        getInsp(intent, session, callback);
    } else if ("AMAZON.HelpIntent" === intentName) {
    } else if ("AMAZON.StopIntent" === intentName || "AMAZON.CancelIntent" === intentName) {
    } else {
        throw "Invalid intent";

 * Called when the user ends the session.
 * Is not called when the skill returns shouldEndSession=true.
function onSessionEnded(sessionEndedRequest, session) {
    console.log("onSessionEnded requestId=" + sessionEndedRequest.requestId +
        ", sessionId=" + session.sessionId);
    // Add Cleanup logic here

// --------------- Functions that control the skill's behavior -----------------------

function getWelcomeResponse(callback) {
    // If we wanted to initialize the session to have some attributes we could add those here.
    var sessionAttributes = {};
    var cardTitle = "Welcome";
    var speechOutput = "Welcome to the Bucket List. " +
        "Ask me and I will give you an item today for your bucket list";
    // If the user either does not reply to the welcome message or says something that is not
    // understood, they will be prompted again with this text.
    var repromptText = "You can get help by asking, help.";
    var shouldEndSession = false;

        buildSpeechletResponse(cardTitle, speechOutput, repromptText, shouldEndSession));

function getHelpResponse(callback) {
    // If we wanted to initialize the session to have some attributes we could add those here.
    var sessionAttributes = {};
    var cardTitle = "Help";
    var speechOutput = "To use the Bucket List, say give me a good one.";
    // If the user either does not reply to the welcome message or says something that is not
    // understood, they will be prompted again with this text.
    var repromptText = "Give it a try.";
    //    "synonym for little";
    var shouldEndSession = false;

        buildSpeechletResponse(cardTitle, speechOutput, repromptText, shouldEndSession));

function handleSessionEndRequest(callback) {
    var cardTitle = "Session Ended";
    var speechOutput = "Goodbye. Have a nice day!";
    // Setting this to true ends the session and exits the skill.
    var shouldEndSession = true;

    callback({}, buildSpeechletResponse(cardTitle, speechOutput, null, shouldEndSession));

function getInsp(intent, session, callback) {
    var repromptText = "You can ask me for another bucket list item.";
    var sessionAttributes = {};
    var shouldEndSession = true;
    var speechOutput = "";
    var maxLength = 0;
   var responseArr = [];
   responseArr.push("Abseil Down a Waterfall");
    responseArr.push("Air Boat Across an Alligator Infested Swamp");
    responseArr.push("Arrive By Seaplane");
    responseArr.push("Catch a Wave Surfing");
    responseArr.push("Dog Sled");
    responseArr.push("Ride a Zip Line Ride");
    responseArr.push("Eat Fire");
    responseArr.push("Explore a Cave");
    responseArr.push("Flip on a Trampoline");
    responseArr.push("Get a Tattoo");
    responseArr.push("Go Bamboo Rafting");
    responseArr.push("Go Fat Biking");
    responseArr.push("Hold a Shark");
    responseArr.push("Indoor Skydive");
    responseArr.push("Jump Off a Cliff");
    responseArr.push("Kite Surf");
    responseArr.push("Navigate a Personal Underwater SUB");
    responseArr.push("Play a Game of Paintball");
    responseArr.push("Police Ride Along");
    responseArr.push("Rappel Down a Waterfall");
    responseArr.push("Rappel into a Cave");
    responseArr.push("Ride ATVs");
    responseArr.push("Ride in a Hot Air Balloon");
    responseArr.push("Sail a Boat");
    responseArr.push("Scuba Dive");
    responseArr.push("Swim with Dolphins");
    responseArr.push("Swim with Sharks");
    responseArr.push("Swim with Stingrays");
    responseArr.push("Walk a Suspension Bridge");
    responseArr.push("Walk on Hot Coals");
    responseArr.push("Whitewater Rafting");
    responseArr.push("Wrap a Snake Around My Neck");
    responseArr.push("Attend a Rodeo");
    responseArr.push("Bathe an Elephant");
    responseArr.push("Chase a Tornado");
    responseArr.push("Climb a Volcano");
    responseArr.push("Climb to the Top of a Tree");
    responseArr.push("Compete in a Frog Jumping Contest");
    responseArr.push("Complete a Horse Jumping Obstacle");
    responseArr.push("Drive Through a Dust Storm");
    responseArr.push("Feed a Crocodile");
    responseArr.push("Feed a Koala Bear");
    responseArr.push("Feed an Ostrich");
    responseArr.push("Herd Cattle");
    responseArr.push("Hike Every Trail at a State Park");
    responseArr.push("Hold a Monkey");
    responseArr.push("Hold a Tarantula");
    responseArr.push("Horseback Ride on the Beach");
    responseArr.push("Hug a Redwood");
    responseArr.push("Kiss a Sea Lion");
    responseArr.push("Kiss in the Rain");
    responseArr.push("Make a Snowman");
    responseArr.push("Milk a Cow");
    responseArr.push("Name a Star");
    responseArr.push("Relax in a Natural Hot Spring");
    responseArr.push("Release Baby Turtles into the Ocean");
    responseArr.push("Ride in a Horse & Carriage");
    responseArr.push("Roll in a Huge Pile of Leaves");
    responseArr.push("See a Coral Reef");
    responseArr.push("See the Salmon Run");
    responseArr.push("Shear a Sheep");
    responseArr.push("Sleep in a Stable on a Haystack");
    responseArr.push("Sleep in a Yurt");
    responseArr.push("Sleep in an Igloo");
    responseArr.push("Stand Under a Waterfall");
    responseArr.push("Start Fire Without Matches");
    responseArr.push("Swim in the Ocean");
    responseArr.push("Swim with a School of Fish");
    responseArr.push("Swim with Manatees");
    responseArr.push("Swim with Sea Turtles");
    responseArr.push("Take a Falconry Class");
    responseArr.push("Walk on a Black Sand Beach");
    responseArr.push("Watch a Caterpillar Turn into a Butterfly");
    responseArr.push("Watch the Sunrise & Sunset in one Day");
    responseArr.push("Witness a Solar Eclipse");
    responseArr.push("Whale Watching");
    responseArr.push("Answer a Personal Ad");
    responseArr.push("Attend a High School Reunion");
    responseArr.push("Attend a Same Sex Wedding");
    responseArr.push("Be a Bridesmaid");
    responseArr.push("Cover the Bed in Rose Petals");
    responseArr.push("Find my Best Friend from High School");
    responseArr.push("Have a Meaningful Conversation With a Stanger");
    responseArr.push("Meet a Blog Reader in Person");
    responseArr.push("Meet a World Leader");
    responseArr.push("Meet Someone Famous");
    responseArr.push("Meet the President");
    responseArr.push("Organize a Family Portrait");
    responseArr.push("Plan a Date Night with my Spouse");
    responseArr.push("Receive a Fan Letter");
    responseArr.push("Reconnect with an Old Friend");
    responseArr.push("Share a Cab with a Stranger");
    responseArr.push("Sing a Karaoke Duet");
    responseArr.push("Surprise Someone");
    responseArr.push("Tell Dad I Love Him");
    responseArr.push("Visit your Childhood Home");
    responseArr.push("Write a Love Note with Lipstick on the Bathroom Mirror");
    responseArr.push("Write a Thank you Letter to a Company that Treated you well");
    responseArr.push("Act in a Play");
    responseArr.push("Be Published");
    responseArr.push("Blow Glass");
    responseArr.push("Create a Bumper Sticker");
    responseArr.push("Create a Family Logo");
    responseArr.push("Create a Family Tree");
    responseArr.push("Create a Flower Arrangement");
    responseArr.push("Create a Piece of Art & Sell it");
    responseArr.push("Create your own Personal Stationary");
    responseArr.push("Decorate a Blank T-Shirt");
    responseArr.push("Design a Website");
    responseArr.push("Enter Art in an Exhibit");
    responseArr.push("Jump Into a Pool Fully Clothed");
    responseArr.push("Knit a Scarf");
    responseArr.push("Make a Candle");
    responseArr.push("Make a Coloring Book");
    responseArr.push("Make a Handmade Gift");
    responseArr.push("Make a Handmade Greeting Card");
    responseArr.push("Make a Tie Dye Shirt");
    responseArr.push("Make an Origami Animal");
    responseArr.push("Make Mosaic Art");
    responseArr.push("Make Paper");
    responseArr.push("Make Soap");
    responseArr.push("Paint Something at a Ceramic Store");
    responseArr.push("Sew Something you can Wear");
    responseArr.push("Start a Blog");
    responseArr.push("Take an Art Class");
    responseArr.push("Take Pictures in a Photo Booth");
    responseArr.push("Work on a Pottery Wheel");
    responseArr.push("Write a Song");
    responseArr.push("Act in a Play");
    responseArr.push("Apply to be on a Reality Show");
    responseArr.push("Attend a Black Tie Gala");
    responseArr.push("Attend a Boxing Match");
    responseArr.push("Attend a Film Premiere");
    responseArr.push("Attend a Foam Party");
    responseArr.push("Attend a Gallery Opening");
    responseArr.push("Attend a Gay Pride Event");
    responseArr.push("Attend a Jazz Festival");
    responseArr.push("Attend a Masquerade");
    responseArr.push("Attend a Murder Mystery Dinner");
    responseArr.push("Attend a Music Festival");
    responseArr.push("Attend a Native American Pow Wow");
    responseArr.push("Attend a Poetry Reading");
    responseArr.push("Attend a Wedding in a Different Country");
    responseArr.push("Attend a White Party");
    responseArr.push("Be a Game Show Contestant");
    responseArr.push("Be a Member of a TV Studio Audience");
    responseArr.push("Be an Extra in a Movie");
    responseArr.push("Be on a Radio Show");
    responseArr.push("Be on a TV Show");
    responseArr.push("Be on the Cover of a Magazine");
    responseArr.push("Be a Street Performer");
    responseArr.push("Bet at the Dog Races");
    responseArr.push("Bicycle Across the Golden Gate");
    responseArr.push("Contact Someone with My Own Name");
    responseArr.push("Create a Video & Upload it to the Internet");
    responseArr.push("Crowd Surf");
    responseArr.push("Dance on a Bar");
    responseArr.push("Dance With Ellen Degeneres");
    responseArr.push("Design a Room I Love");
    responseArr.push("Do the Hula");
    responseArr.push("Fly on a Trapeze");
    responseArr.push("Get a Caricature Drawing by a Street Artist");
    responseArr.push("Get Comped/Upgraded Something");
    responseArr.push("Get Hypnotized");
    responseArr.push("Get Swag");
    responseArr.push("Get VIP Passes to a Show");
    responseArr.push("Go on a Cruise");
    responseArr.push("Go to a Blues Bar");
    responseArr.push("Go to a Book Signing");
    responseArr.push("Go to Dinner Theater");
    responseArr.push("Go to a Drive-In Movie");
    responseArr.push("Go to Nascar");
    responseArr.push("Go to a Paint Party");
    responseArr.push("Go to a Renaissance Festival");
    responseArr.push("Go to Comicon");
    responseArr.push("Go to the Movies by Myself");
    responseArr.push("Have 15 Minutes of Fame");
    responseArr.push("Have My Picture Published in a Newspaper");
    responseArr.push("Host a Game Night");
    responseArr.push("Join a Flash Mob");
    responseArr.push("Learn a Line Dance");
    responseArr.push("Learn How to Sing Within my Octave");
    responseArr.push("Make a House of Cards");
    responseArr.push("Master a Video Game");
    responseArr.push("Meet Oprah");
    responseArr.push("Party in a Private Booth at a Nightclub");
    responseArr.push("Perform a Magic Trick");
    responseArr.push("Play a Pinball Machine");
    responseArr.push("Play a Song on a Harmonica");
    responseArr.push("Play Bingo at a Bingo Hall");
    responseArr.push("Pose with a Figure at a Wax Museum");
    responseArr.push("Read the Book Before the Movie");
    responseArr.push("Receive a Fan Letter");
    responseArr.push("Record a Song");
    responseArr.push("Ride a Mechanical Bull");
    responseArr.push("Ride on a Ferris Wheel");
    responseArr.push("See a 3-D movie");
    responseArr.push("See a Ballet");
    responseArr.push("See a Broadway Play");
    responseArr.push("See A Cirque du Soleil Show");
    responseArr.push("See a Foreign Film");
    responseArr.push("See a Las Vegas Show");
    responseArr.push("See a TED Talk Live");
    responseArr.push("See the Tour de France");
    responseArr.push("See a Wimbledon Match Live");
    responseArr.push("See an Opera");
    responseArr.push("See My Favorite Band Play Live");
    responseArr.push("Set a Guinness Book of World Record");
    responseArr.push("Sing Karaoke in Public");
    responseArr.push("Sit Front Row at a Basketball Game");
    responseArr.push("Take a New Route to Work");
    responseArr.push("Take an Improv Class");
    responseArr.push("Take Part in a Focus Group");
    responseArr.push("Throw a Themed Party");
    responseArr.push("Throw Beads at Mardi Gras");
    responseArr.push("Touch a Famous Piece of Art");
    responseArr.push("Try Pole Dancing");
    responseArr.push("Walk the Red Carpet");
    responseArr.push("Watch all the Oscar Winning Movies");
    responseArr.push("Watch the IMDB Top 250 Movies");
    responseArr.push("Watch the Space Shuttle Launch");
    responseArr.push("Wear a Sumo Wrestling Suit");
    responseArr.push("Be Blond for a Day");
    responseArr.push("Buy a Cute Outfit at a Second Hand Store");
    responseArr.push("Create the Perfect Up-Do");
    responseArr.push("Do a Cleanse");
    responseArr.push("Dress in Super Sexy Lingerie");
    responseArr.push("Duplicate an Outfit from a Magazine");
    responseArr.push("Dye My Hair a Crazy Color");
    responseArr.push("Find My Signature Scent");
    responseArr.push("Find the Perfect Black Dress");
    responseArr.push("Fit Into My Skinny Jeans");
    responseArr.push("Get a Bikini Wax");
    responseArr.push("Get a Brazilian Wax");
    responseArr.push("Get a Blow Out");
    responseArr.push("Get a Complete Makeover");
    responseArr.push("Get a Fish Pedicure");
    responseArr.push("Get a Foot Massage");
    responseArr.push("Get a Henna Tatoo");
    responseArr.push("Get a Makeup Lesson");
    responseArr.push("Get a Spa Pedicure");
    responseArr.push("Get a Spray Tan");
    responseArr.push("Get Acupuncture");
    responseArr.push("Get Fitted for a Bra");
    responseArr.push("Get a Professional Body Massage");
    responseArr.push("Get My Nails Schlacked");
    responseArr.push("Go on a Clothes Shopping Spree");
    responseArr.push("Go a Week Without Makeup");
    responseArr.push("Have a Facial");
    responseArr.push("Have a Professional Photo Shoot");
    responseArr.push("Have my Palm Read");
    responseArr.push("Hit the Town With Bright Red Lips");
    responseArr.push("Learn How to Create the Perfect “Smokey Eye”");
    responseArr.push("Learn to do My Own Party Makeup");
    responseArr.push("Make a Homemade Beauty Product");
    responseArr.push("Make My Own Perfume");
    responseArr.push("Own a Fabulous Pair of Designer Shoes");
    responseArr.push("Own a Pair of Red Bottom Shoes");
    responseArr.push("Relax in a Sensory Deprivation Tank");
    responseArr.push("Sit Front Row at a Fashion Show");
    responseArr.push("Spend the Day at a Resort Spa");
    responseArr.push("Take a Makeup Lesson");
    responseArr.push("Take a Mud Bath");
    responseArr.push("Try Brow Threading");
    responseArr.push("Try Cupping Therapy");
    responseArr.push("Wear Colored Contacts");
    responseArr.push("Wear Fake Eyelashes");
    responseArr.push("Be a Leader in my Field");
    responseArr.push("Be a Member of an Exclusive Club");
    responseArr.push("Be a Self-Made Millionaire");
    responseArr.push("Blow a lot of Money Gambling");
    responseArr.push("Charter a Yacht");
    responseArr.push("Create a Passive Income");
    responseArr.push("Earn 6 Figures Per Year");
    responseArr.push("Flip a House");
    responseArr.push("Fly in a Private Jet");
    responseArr.push("Have 3 Months of Bills in Savings");
    responseArr.push("Have a Housecleaner");
    responseArr.push("Have a Positive Net Worth");
    responseArr.push("Have no Credit Card Debt");
    responseArr.push("Hire a Personal Shopper");
    responseArr.push("Order Room Service");
    responseArr.push("Own Tiffany Jewelry");
    responseArr.push("Own Investment Real Estate");
    responseArr.push("Play the Stock Market");
    responseArr.push("Sleep in a Castle");
    responseArr.push("Sleep on Satin Sheets");
    responseArr.push("Stay at an All-Inclusive Resort");
    responseArr.push("Start A Business");
    responseArr.push("Sell Something on the Internet");
    responseArr.push("Stay in a 5-Star Resort");
    responseArr.push("Attend a Low Country Boil");
    responseArr.push("Attend a Pig Roast");
    responseArr.push("Attend a Tea Tasting");
    responseArr.push("Attend a Winemakers Dinner");
    responseArr.push("Bake a Cake for Someone Special");
    responseArr.push("Bake a Loaf of Bread");
    responseArr.push("Boil a Live Lobster");
    responseArr.push("Bottle a Recipe & Sell it");
    responseArr.push("Catch, Cook & Eat a Fish");
    responseArr.push("Cook a Traditional Dish from a Different Culture");
    responseArr.push("Cook Christmas Dinner");
    responseArr.push("Create an Ice Sculpture");
    responseArr.push("Cook Every Dish in One Cookbook");
    responseArr.push("Cook With a Celebrity Chef");
    responseArr.push("Cook With my Parther");
    responseArr.push("Create a New Ice Cream Flavor");
    responseArr.push("Create Food Art");
    responseArr.push("Create Latte Art");
    responseArr.push("Create my Own Cocktail");
    responseArr.push("Create my Own Recipe");
    responseArr.push("Create my Signature Dish");
    responseArr.push("Dismember a Chicken");
    responseArr.push("Drink a Bottle of Trendy Champagne");
    responseArr.push("Drink Absinthe");
    responseArr.push("Drink at a Distillery");
    responseArr.push("Drink at a Dive Bar");
    responseArr.push("Drink at an Ice Bar");
    responseArr.push("Drink Milk from a Fresh Coconut");
    responseArr.push("Drink Moonshine");
    responseArr.push("Drink Tea at a Tea House");
    responseArr.push("Eat Breakfast in Bed");
    responseArr.push("Eat a Meal Cooked by a Celebrity Chef");
    responseArr.push("Eat a Molecular Gastronomy Dinner");
    responseArr.push("Eat a Raw Diet for a Day");
    responseArr.push("Eat Alone at a Restaurant");
    responseArr.push("Eat an Insect");
    responseArr.push("Eat at a Michelin 3-star Restaurant");
    responseArr.push("Eat at a Food Truck");
    responseArr.push("Eat at the French Laundry");
    responseArr.push("Eat Caviar");
    responseArr.push("Eat in a Pitch Black Restaurant");
    responseArr.push("Eat Fondue");
    responseArr.push("Eat Southern BBQ in the South");
    responseArr.push("Enter Something in a Food Competition");
    responseArr.push("Extract Honey from a Bee Hive");
    responseArr.push("Fillet a Fish");
    responseArr.push("Go to a Vodka Lounge");
    responseArr.push("Go Wine Tasting");
    responseArr.push("Have a Dinner Party");
    responseArr.push("Have a Progressive Dining Experience");
    responseArr.push("Have a Wine Collection");
    responseArr.push("Host a Cookie Exchange");
    responseArr.push("Hunt for Wild Mushrooms");
    responseArr.push("Learn a Flair Bartending Trick");
    responseArr.push("Learn to Use Chopsticks");
    responseArr.push("Leave a 100% Tip for a Server");
    responseArr.push("Make a Gingerbread House");
    responseArr.push("Make Cheese");
    responseArr.push("Make Fresh Pasta");
    responseArr.push("Make Ice Cream");
    responseArr.push("Make Wine");
    responseArr.push("Order One of Everything on a Menu");
    responseArr.push("Own a Food Cart");
    responseArr.push("Own an Award Winning Restaurant");
    responseArr.push("Partake in a Food Fight");
    responseArr.push("Partake in Afternoon Tea");
    responseArr.push("Participate in a Private Wine Tasting");
    responseArr.push("Pick Fruit From the Tree & Make a Pie");
    responseArr.push("Recreate a Childhood Recipe");
    responseArr.push("Recreate a Classic Dish");
    responseArr.push("Shuck Oysters");
    responseArr.push("Start an Herb Garden");
    responseArr.push("Stomp Grapes");
    responseArr.push("Take a Cooking Class");
    responseArr.push("Toss Pizza Dough in the Air");
    responseArr.push("Try Deep-Fried Twinkies");
    responseArr.push("Wade in a Cranberry Bog");
    responseArr.push("Write a cookbook");
    responseArr.push("Eat Ahi Poke");
    responseArr.push("Eat Alligator");
    responseArr.push("Eat Ants");
    responseArr.push("Eat Baby Eel");
    responseArr.push("Eat Beef Tongue");
    responseArr.push("Eat Blood Sausage");
    responseArr.push("Eat Bird Nest Soup");
    responseArr.push("Eat Bone Marrow");
    responseArr.push("Eat Cactus");
    responseArr.push("Eat Casu Marzu");
    responseArr.push("Eat Caviar");
    responseArr.push("Eat Century Egg");
    responseArr.push("Eat Cheeks");
    responseArr.push("Eat Chicken Feet");
    responseArr.push("Eat Conch");
    responseArr.push("Eat Crickets");
    responseArr.push("Eat Dim Sum");
    responseArr.push("Eat Durian");
    responseArr.push("Eat Eel");
    responseArr.push("Eat Elk");
    responseArr.push("Eat Escargot");
    responseArr.push("Eat Flowers");
    responseArr.push("Eat Foie Gras");
    responseArr.push("Eat Frickles");
    responseArr.push("Eat Frog Legs");
    responseArr.push("Eat Fugu");
    responseArr.push("Eat Gizzards");
    responseArr.push("Eat Green Tuna Fruit");
    responseArr.push("Eat Haggis");
    responseArr.push("Eat Head Cheese");
    responseArr.push("Eat Heart");
    responseArr.push("Eat Herring");
    responseArr.push("Eat Jelly Fish");
    responseArr.push("Eat Kim Chee");
    responseArr.push("Eat Lamb Tongue");
    responseArr.push("Eat Lambs Brain");
    responseArr.push("Eat Lambs Rump");
    responseArr.push("Eat Liver");
    responseArr.push("Eat Mealworm");
    responseArr.push("Eat Mochi");
    responseArr.push("Eat Mushy Peas");
    responseArr.push("Eat Octopus");
    responseArr.push("Eat Ostrich");
    responseArr.push("Eat Pigeon");
    responseArr.push("Eat Pigs Ear");
    responseArr.push("Eat Pigs Feet");
    responseArr.push("Eat Pigs Head");
    responseArr.push("Eat Pigs Tail");
    responseArr.push("Eat Pig Trotters (Feet)");
    responseArr.push("Eat Rabbit");
    responseArr.push("Eat Raw Oysters");
    responseArr.push("Eat Reindeer");
    responseArr.push("Eat Rocky Mountain Oysters");
    responseArr.push("Eat Scrapple");
    responseArr.push("Eat Sea Urchin");
    responseArr.push("Eat Sashimi");
    responseArr.push("Eat Scorpian");
    responseArr.push("Eat Sea Slug");
    responseArr.push("Eat Snake");
    responseArr.push("Eat Sushi");
    responseArr.push("Eat Tarantula");
    responseArr.push("Eat Tequila Worm");
    responseArr.push("Eat Tripe");
    responseArr.push("Eat Ugli Fruit");
    responseArr.push("Eat Wild Boar");
    responseArr.push("Eat Worm Cakes");
    responseArr.push("Eat Yak");
    responseArr.push("Be a Tourist in You Own Town");
    responseArr.push("Be on a Jumbotron at a Stadium");
    responseArr.push("Be the the New York Times Bestsellers List");
    responseArr.push("Build a Sand Castle");
    responseArr.push("Coin a Word");
    responseArr.push("Complete a 1000-Piece Jigsaw Puzzle");
    responseArr.push("Do a Boudoir Photo Shoot");
    responseArr.push("Do a Wheelie on a Bike");
    responseArr.push("Do the Polar Bear Plunge");
    responseArr.push("Eliminate Junk Mail");
    responseArr.push("Experience Weightlessness");
    responseArr.push("Find a Treasure With a Metal Detector");
    responseArr.push("Finish a Crossword Puzzle");
    responseArr.push("Flip a House");
    responseArr.push("Find a Pearl in an Oyster");
    responseArr.push("Get a Tattoo");
    responseArr.push("Get Ordained");
    responseArr.push("Go Canoeing");
    responseArr.push("Google Search My Name & Have at Least 1 Page of Stuff");
    responseArr.push("Haggle at an Open Market");
    responseArr.push("Have a Collection");
    responseArr.push("Have a White Christmas");
    responseArr.push("Invent Something");
    responseArr.push("Join a Book Club");
    responseArr.push("Learn the Heimlich Manuever");
    responseArr.push("Learn to Juggle");
    responseArr.push("Leave My Mark in Graffiti");
    responseArr.push("Make a Balloon Animal");
    responseArr.push("Make a Model Car");
    responseArr.push("Own an Original Piece of Artwork");
    responseArr.push("Photobomb Someone");
    responseArr.push("Race an RC Car");
    responseArr.push("Read a Book on the NY Best Sellers List");
    responseArr.push("Send a Message in a Bottle");
    responseArr.push("Share Your Most Embarassing Moment");
    responseArr.push("Slide Down a Firehouse Pole");
    responseArr.push("Skinny Dip");
    responseArr.push("Smoke a Fine Cigar");
    responseArr.push("Smoke a Hookah");
    responseArr.push("Solve a Rubiks Cube");
    responseArr.push("Start a Blog");
    responseArr.push("Start Fire Without Matches");
    responseArr.push("Stay Awake for 24 Hours");
    responseArr.push("Surprise Someone");
    responseArr.push("Use a Paddle to Bid at an Auction");
    responseArr.push("Walk on a Nude Beach");
    responseArr.push("Walk on Stilts");
    responseArr.push("Win a Stuffed Animal at a Carnival");
    responseArr.push("Win Something");
    responseArr.push("Write Your Name in Wet Cement");
    responseArr.push("Ask My Spouse 20 Questions");
    responseArr.push("Attend a Random Free Seminar");
    responseArr.push("Be a Mentor");
    responseArr.push("Be an Organ Donor");
    responseArr.push("Be Present at a Birth");
    responseArr.push("Build a House With Habitat for Humanity");
    responseArr.push("Do 24 Hours of Silence");
    responseArr.push("Do a Charity Walk");
    responseArr.push("Do a Random Act of Kindness");
    responseArr.push("Donate 100,000 Grains of Rice to Help End World Hunger");
    responseArr.push("Donate Books");
    responseArr.push("Donate Clothing");
    responseArr.push("Donate Toys at the Holidays");
    responseArr.push("Entertain the Elderly at a Nursing Home");
    responseArr.push("Feed a Homeless Person");
    responseArr.push("Find the Meaning of Your Name");
    responseArr.push("Get a College Degree");
    responseArr.push("Give a Keynote Speech");
    responseArr.push("Give a Ted Talk");
    responseArr.push("Give Blood");
    responseArr.push("Help an Endangered/Injured Animal");
    responseArr.push("Help Someone With a Check on Their Bucket List");
    responseArr.push("Learn a New Software Program");
    responseArr.push("Learn Conversational Spanish");
    responseArr.push("Learn the Alphabet in Sign Language");
    responseArr.push("Learn to Play a Song on an Instrument");
    responseArr.push("Learn to Say “Hello” in 100 Languages");
    responseArr.push("List 10 Things I am Grateful For Each Day");
    responseArr.push("Make a Loan");
    responseArr.push("Make a Significant Change in Someones Life");
    responseArr.push("Master a New Language");
    responseArr.push("Meet the Dalai Lama");
    responseArr.push("Participate in a Sweat Lodge Purification Ceremony");
    responseArr.push("Pay the Bridge Toll for the Person Behind Me");
    responseArr.push("Plant a Tree");
    responseArr.push("Put Change into Someones Expired Meter");
    responseArr.push("Read a Banned Book");
    responseArr.push("Read a Classic Novel");
    responseArr.push("Read a New York Times Best Seller");
    responseArr.push("Read a Trilogy");
    responseArr.push("Say “Thank You” in 10 Languages");
    responseArr.push("Send a Care Package to a Soldier");
    responseArr.push("Serve Food at a Soup Kitchen");
    responseArr.push("Send Flowers to Myself");
    responseArr.push("Spend a Day Helping at a Children’s Hospital");
    responseArr.push("Spend the Entire Day By Myself");
    responseArr.push("Spend a Week at a Silent Retreat");
    responseArr.push("Sponsor a Child’s Wish through the Make-a-Wish Foundation");
    responseArr.push("Start a Charity");
    responseArr.push("Teach a Class");
    responseArr.push("Unplug for a Week");
    responseArr.push("Write a Book");
    responseArr.push("Write a Children’s Book");
    responseArr.push("Write a Letter to Your Future Self");
    responseArr.push("Write a Love Letter");
    responseArr.push("Write a Poem");
    responseArr.push("Write a Haiku");
    responseArr.push("Achieve my Ideal Weight");
    responseArr.push("Attend the Olympics");
    responseArr.push("Barefoot Waterski");
    responseArr.push("Bet on the Winning Horse");
    responseArr.push("Bowl a 200+ Game");
    responseArr.push("Climb an Indoor Rock Wall");
    responseArr.push("Complete a Ropes Course");
    responseArr.push("Dive Off the High Diving Board");
    responseArr.push("Do a Belly Dance");
    responseArr.push("Do a Handstand");
    responseArr.push("Do a Themed Run");
    responseArr.push("Do the Polar Bear Plunge");
    responseArr.push("Drink only Water for a Week");
    responseArr.push("Fly a Kite");
    responseArr.push("Go Ice Fishing");
    responseArr.push("Go Deep Sea Fishing");
    responseArr.push("Go Flyfishing");
    responseArr.push("Go Heli-Skiing");
    responseArr.push("Go Snowshoeing");
    responseArr.push("Go to a World Series Game");
    responseArr.push("Go to a Yoga Retreat");
    responseArr.push("Go to Nascar");
    responseArr.push("Go to the SuperBowl");
    responseArr.push("Golf 18 Holes");
    responseArr.push("Hit the Archery Bulls-Eye");
    responseArr.push("Join a Bowling League");
    responseArr.push("Jump at a Trampoline House");
    responseArr.push("Learn to Curl");
    responseArr.push("Learn to Ice Skate Backwards");
    responseArr.push("Learn to Fence");
    responseArr.push("Learn to Surf");
    responseArr.push("Make a Hole in One");
    responseArr.push("Mud Wrestle");
    responseArr.push("Participate in a 5k Race");
    responseArr.push("Perfect a Karate Kick");
    responseArr.push("Play a Game of Pool Bowling");
    responseArr.push("Play a Round of Golf");
    responseArr.push("Play a Tennis Match");
    responseArr.push("Play Badminton");
    responseArr.push("Play Racquetball");
    responseArr.push("Ride Bikes on the Beach");
    responseArr.push("Run an 8 Minute Mile");
    responseArr.push("Scuba Dive");
    responseArr.push("Shoot a Machine Gun");
    responseArr.push("Skateboard on a Ramp");
    responseArr.push("Skeet Shoot");
    responseArr.push("Annette Skeet Shooting in Pocono Mountains, Pennstlvania");
    responseArr.push("Ski a Black Diamond Trail");
    responseArr.push("Spar With a Professional Boxer");
    responseArr.push("Spin a Basketball on my Finger");
    responseArr.push("Stand Up Paddle Board");
    responseArr.push("Survive at Paintball");
    responseArr.push("Swim in the Ocean");
    responseArr.push("Take a Bikram Yoga Class");
    responseArr.push("Take a Pole Dancing Class");
    responseArr.push("Take a Self Defense Class");
    responseArr.push("Take a SoulCycle Class");
    responseArr.push("Take a Yoga Class");
    responseArr.push("Take a Zumba Class");
    responseArr.push("Tap Dance");
    responseArr.push("Throw Out the First Pitch at a Major League Baseball Game");
    responseArr.push("Try Bikram Yoga");
    responseArr.push("Win a Game of Ping Pong");
    responseArr.push("Cruise in a Low Rider");
    responseArr.push("Drive a Race Car");
    responseArr.push("Drive a Snowmobile");
    responseArr.push("Drive a Speed Boat");
    responseArr.push("Drive a Tractor");
    responseArr.push("Drive a Zamboni");
    responseArr.push("Drive an ATV");
    responseArr.push("Fly in a Blimp");
    responseArr.push("Fly in a Helicopter");
    responseArr.push("Fly in a Private Jet");
    responseArr.push("Go in a Submarine");
    responseArr.push("Race a Go Kart");
    responseArr.push("Ride a Camel");
    responseArr.push("Ride in a Cyclo");
    responseArr.push("Ride a Jetski");
    responseArr.push("Ride a Segway");
    responseArr.push("segway gibbon chiang mai");
    responseArr.push("Ride a Unicycle");
    responseArr.push("Ride in a Dune Buggy");
    responseArr.push("Ride in a Gondola");
    responseArr.push("Ride in a Limousine");
    responseArr.push("Ride in a Songthaew");
    responseArr.push("Ride in a Tuk Tuk");
    responseArr.push("Ride on a Cable Car");
    responseArr.push("Ride on a Scary Roller Coaster");
    responseArr.push("Ride on a Segway");
    responseArr.push("Ride on a Subway");
    responseArr.push("Ride on a Tandem Bike");
    responseArr.push("Ride on a Train");
    responseArr.push("Ride One of the Largest Roller Coasters in the World");
    responseArr.push("Test Drive a Sleek Sportscar");
    responseArr.push("Attend a Luau");
    responseArr.push("Attend a Unique Small-Town Festival");
    responseArr.push("Celebrate a Holiday in a Different Country");
    responseArr.push("Climb a Lighthouse");
    responseArr.push("Explore a Rain Forest");
    responseArr.push("Fly First Class");
    responseArr.push("Go on a Cruise");
    responseArr.push("Go on a Safari");
    responseArr.push("Go on a Spontaneous Road Trip");
    responseArr.push("Go to an Aquarium");
    responseArr.push("Pan for Gold");
    responseArr.push("Participate in a Japanese Tea Ceremony");
    responseArr.push("See a Blowhole");
    responseArr.push("See a Spectacular Fountain");
    responseArr.push("Sleep in a Capsule Hotel");
    responseArr.push("Sleep in a Haunted House");
    responseArr.push("Sleep in a Hostel");
    responseArr.push("Sleep on a Houseboat");
    responseArr.push("Sleep in a Teepee");
    responseArr.push("Sleep in a Treehouse");
    responseArr.push("Sleep in an Ice Hotel");
    responseArr.push("Sleep in an Overnight Train");
    responseArr.push("Stay at a Bed & Breakfast");
    responseArr.push("Stay at a Dude Ranch");
    responseArr.push("Stay in an Underwater Hotel");
    responseArr.push("Step Foot in all 7 Continents");
    responseArr.push("Take a Train Cross Country");
    responseArr.push("Take a trip with mom");
    responseArr.push("Throw a Dart at a Map and Just Go");
    responseArr.push("Touch a Pyramid");
    responseArr.push("Tour a Factory");
    responseArr.push("Tour a Mayan Ruin");
    responseArr.push("Tour a Mission");
    responseArr.push("Tour a Vineyard");
    responseArr.push("Tour a Working Farm");
    responseArr.push("Travel Internationally");
    responseArr.push("Vacation Solo");
    responseArr.push("Vacation with a Stranger");
    responseArr.push("Visit a Butterfly Sanctuary");
    responseArr.push("Visit a Castle");
    responseArr.push("Visit a Ghost Town");
    responseArr.push("Visit a Temple");
    responseArr.push("Visit a Tourist Attraction in My Town");
    responseArr.push("Visit All 50 States");
    responseArr.push("Visit my State Capitol");
    responseArr.push("Walk on a Glacier");
    responseArr.push("Wear a Fresh Lei");
    responseArr.push("Drive Route 66");
    responseArr.push("Lay on the Four Corners (4 States at Once)");
    responseArr.push("Trek the Mendenhall Glacier Caves, Alaska");
    responseArr.push("See the Northern Lights, Alaska");
    responseArr.push("Hike into Antelope Canyon, Arizona");
    responseArr.push("Helicopter into the Grand Canyon, Arizona");
    responseArr.push("Helicopter Ride to the Grand Canyon");
    responseArr.push("Walk the Wave, Arizona");
    responseArr.push("Bike Across the Golden Gate Bridge, California");
    responseArr.push("Do the Half-Dome Ascent in Yosemite, California");
    responseArr.push("Eat at the French Laundry, California");
    responseArr.push("See Yosemite National Park in the Winter, California");
    responseArr.push("Do the Hollywood Walk of Fame, California");
    responseArr.push("Rappel into Moaning Caverns, California");
    responseArr.push("Walk on Glass Beach, California");
    responseArr.push("Stand Under the Hollywood Sign, California");
    responseArr.push("Party at the Playboy Mansion, California");
    responseArr.push("Ride on a Cable Car in San Francisco, California");
    responseArr.push("Ice Castles at Silverthorne, Colorado");
    responseArr.push("Explore the Everglades, Florida");
    responseArr.push("Swim with Manatees, Florida");
    responseArr.push("Climb the Haiku Stairs of Oahu, Hawaii");
    responseArr.push("Learn the Hula, Hawaii");
    responseArr.push("Drive the Road to Hana, Hawaii");
    responseArr.push("Walk on Waianapanapa Black Sand Beach, Hawaii");
    responseArr.push("Attend the Kentucky Derby, Kentucky");
    responseArr.push("Spend the Night in Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts");
    responseArr.push("Walk the Las Vegas Strip, Nevada");
    responseArr.push("Carlsbad Caverns, New Mexico");
    responseArr.push("French Quarter, New Orleans");
    responseArr.push("Play at Coney Island, New York");
    responseArr.push("Grand Central Station, New York");
    responseArr.push("See a Broadway Musical, New York");
    responseArr.push("Times Square, New York");
    responseArr.push("Niagara Falls, New York/Canada");
    responseArr.push("Multnomah Falls, Oregon");
    responseArr.push("Eat a Philly Cheese Steak in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania");
    responseArr.push("Badlands National Park, South Dakota");
    responseArr.push("See Mount Rushmore, South Dakota");
    responseArr.push("See the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, Tennessee");
    responseArr.push("Bryce Canyon, Utah");
    responseArr.push("Zion National Park, Utah");
    responseArr.push("Leave a Contribution on Seattle’s Gum Wall, Washington");
    responseArr.push("Go to Pike Place Market, Washinton");
    responseArr.push("Skagit Valley Tulip Fields, Washington");
    responseArr.push("Thomas Jefferson Memorial, Washington DC");
    responseArr.push("Visit the White House, Washington DC");
    responseArr.push("Grand Prismatic Spring, Wyoming");
    responseArr.push("Ride the Orient Express");
    responseArr.push("Ride the Trans-Siberian Railway");
    responseArr.push("See the Beach Art by Andres Amador");
    responseArr.push("See the Northern Lights");
    responseArr.push("Shop at the European Christmas Markets");
    responseArr.push("Swim with Pink Dolphins, Amazon");
    responseArr.push("See an Opera at the Sydney Opera House, Australia");
    responseArr.push("See the red crab migration in Christmas Island, Austalia");
    responseArr.push("Feed the Swimning with Pigs in Exuma, Bahamas");
    responseArr.push("Swim in Dean’s Blue Hole, Bahamas");
    responseArr.push("Walk on the Pink Sand Beach, Bahamas");
    responseArr.push("Sleep in an Overwater Bungalow, Bora Bora");
    responseArr.push("Swim in the World’s Largest Pool, Chile");
    responseArr.push("Take the Walk of Faith, Tianmen Mountain, China");
    responseArr.push("See the Hanging Temple in Mount Hengshan, China");
    responseArr.push("Walk the Great Wall of China, China");
    responseArr.push("Marvel at Plitvice Lakes, Croatia");
    responseArr.push("Explore the Galapagos Islands, Ecuador");
    responseArr.push("See the Pyramids of Giza, Egypt");
    responseArr.push("Walk Across Abbey Road in London, England");
    responseArr.push("Watch the Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace, England");
    responseArr.push("Stay in a Glass Igloo, Finland");
    responseArr.push("Attend Mass at Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, France");
    responseArr.push("Put a Love Lock on Pont des Arts Bridge, France");
    responseArr.push("See the Eiffel Tower Glitter at Night, France");
    responseArr.push("See the Mona Lisa at the Louvre, France");
    responseArr.push("Sunbathe Topless on the French Riviera, France");
    responseArr.push("Attend the Windjammer Parade, Germany");
    responseArr.push("Drink Beer at Oktoberfest, Germany");
    responseArr.push("Drink Kölsch Beer in Cologne, Germany");
    responseArr.push("Explore the Acropolis, Greece");
    responseArr.push("Watch the Sunset in Santorini, Greece");
    responseArr.push("Tour a Windmill, Holland");
    responseArr.push("Climb to Tin Tian, Big Buddha, Hong Kong");
    responseArr.push("Soak in the Blue Lagoon, Iceland");
    responseArr.push("Get a Henna Tattoo, India");
    responseArr.push("Participate in the Rickshaw Run, India");
    responseArr.push("Stand in Front of the Taj Mahal, India");
    responseArr.push("Komodo National Park, Indonesia");
    responseArr.push("Drink at the Guinness Brewery, Ireland");
    responseArr.push("Kiss the Blarney Stone, Ireland");
    responseArr.push("Sleep in a Castle, Ireland");
    responseArr.push("Attend the Palio Horse Race in Siena, Italy");
    responseArr.push("Hear Andrea Bocelli sing opera in Milan, Italy");
    responseArr.push("Hear the Pope Speak at the Vatican, Italy");
    responseArr.push("Learn to Make Pasta From Scratch, Italy");
    responseArr.push("Make a Wish in the Trevi Fountain, Italy");
    responseArr.push("Pose With the Leaning Tower of Pisa, Italy");
    responseArr.push("Ride a Vespa in Tuscany, Italy");
    responseArr.push("Ride in a Gondola in Venice, Italy");
    responseArr.push("Sleep in a Tuscan Villa, Italy");
    responseArr.push("Swim in the Blue Grotto, Italy");
    responseArr.push("Walk Across the Tibetan Bridge in Claviere, Italy");
    responseArr.push("Visit the Jigokudani Monkey Park, Japan");
    responseArr.push(" See a Sumo Wrestling Practice at a Sumo Stable, Japan");
    responseArr.push("Walk Through the Wisteria Tunnel at Kawachi Fuji Gardens, in Kitakyushu, Japan");
    responseArr.push(" Explore the Ancient Ruins of Petra, Jordan");
    responseArr.push(" Float in the Dead Sea, Jordan/Israel");
    responseArr.push("Ride a Camel in the Wadi Rum Desert, Jordan");
    responseArr.push("Float Down Mekong River, Laos");
    responseArr.push("Explore Tam Ting Caves, Laos");
    responseArr.push("Stay at the Boat Hotel in Cocoa Island, Maldives");
    responseArr.push("Eat in the Underwater Hotel, Maldives");
    responseArr.push("Swim in a Cenote, Mexico");
    responseArr.push("Swim with Whale Sharks, Mexico");
    responseArr.push("Snorkel the Underwater Museum, Mexico");
    responseArr.push("Gamble at Casino Monte Carlo, Monaco");
    responseArr.push("Explore the Van Gogh Museum, Netherlands");
    responseArr.push("See the Kinderdijk Windmills, Netherlands");
    responseArr.push("Explore the Waitomo Glowworm Cave, New Zealand");
    responseArr.push("Hike the Franz Josef Glacier, New Zealand");
    responseArr.push("Sit on the Edge of Preikestolen, Norway");
    responseArr.push("Explore the Rock Islands Southern Lagoon, Palau");
    responseArr.push("Swim in Jellyfish Lake, Palau");
    responseArr.push("Jellyfish Lake in Palau");
    responseArr.push("Hike the Inca Trail, Peru");
    responseArr.push("Hike Through the Crooked Forest, Poland");
    responseArr.push("See Gaudi’s La Sagrada Familia, Spain");
    responseArr.push("Watch the Monjuic Magic Fountain, Spain");
    responseArr.push("See the Rio Tinto River, Spain");
    responseArr.push("Run With the Bulls in Pamplona, Spain");
    responseArr.push("Climb to the Top of Sigiriya Rock, Sri Lanka");
    responseArr.push("Eat Fondue in Switzerland, Switzerland");
    responseArr.push("Sit in the Outdoor Jacuzzi at Iglu-Dorf Hotel, Switzerland");
    responseArr.push("Ski the Swiss Alps, Switzerland");
    responseArr.push("Safari Through Serengeti, Tanzania");
    responseArr.push("See the Tessellated Pavement, Tasmania");
    responseArr.push("Let Go of a Floating Lantern, Thailand");
    responseArr.push("Balloon Over Cappadocia’s Fairy Chimneys, Turkey");
    responseArr.push("Hear the Call to Prayer at the Blue Mosque, Turkey");
    responseArr.push("Soak in Pamukkale Hot Springs, Turkey");
    responseArr.push("Cross the Tunnel of Love, Ukraine");
    responseArr.push("Visit Stonehenge, United Kingdom");
    responseArr.push("Shop at the Floating Market, Vietnam");
    responseArr.push("Take a Junk Boat Ride Through Ha Long Bay, Vietnam");
    responseArr.push("Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta, USA");
    responseArr.push("Battle of the Oranges, Italy");
    responseArr.push("Burning Man, USA");
    responseArr.push("Carnival of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil");
    responseArr.push("Carnival of Venice, Italy");
    responseArr.push("Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead), Mexico");
    responseArr.push("Electric Run, Utah");
    responseArr.push("Holi Festival, India");

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  "intents": [
      "intent": "BucketListIntent"
      "intent": "AMAZON.HelpIntent"
      "intent": "AMAZON.StopIntent"
      "intent": "AMAZON.CancelIntent"


BucketListIntent to give me a good idea
BucketListIntent give me a good one
BucketListIntent suggest an item for today
BucketListIntent to get one done


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