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Smart Fan (Bike Trainer)

One thing that I've noted biking indoors is that you sweat a lot, therefore you need a good fan cooler and better if it's a smart one!

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Smart Fan (Bike Trainer)

Things used in this project

Hardware components

A conventional AC motor (fan) or another smarter
ESP32 developement board
Powerfull Espressif's SOC with Wi-Fi, BLE, a lot of digital/analogic pins...
Google Assistant
For instance, Google Home Mini or Android Google Assistant App
Amazon Alexa Alexa
For instance, Echo Dot or Alexa Mobile App
AC 50/60Hz 220/110V PWM dimmer module
It dimmers the sinusoidal AC power wave using zero-cross and TRIAC
Tacx Neo smart trainer
It give us the speed of the bike from BLE

Software apps and online services

AWS Lambda
Amazon Web Services AWS Lambda
1 AWS account (it has a free tier) or another cloud platform where you can deploy a service/api
You can use a free cloud MQTT broker such as HiveMQ Enterprise or Mosquitto Test Server.


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