Things used in this project

Hardware components:
NFC Sticker tag
Each tag is located at known locations which allow project to know the last place a user has been located
Software apps and online services:
Microsoft Microsoft Azure
Uses ASP MVC, Signal R And Entity v6 framework
NFC tasks
App used on mobile device to read NFC tags and alert Azure website
Source code for the project.
Simpleicon sns
Amazon Web Services AWS SNS
Notification services used to inform managers


Solution Overview Diagram
Image shows how the solution is intended to work and key components involved

No document.

User Stories Completed
List of user stores than have been completed

No document.

User Stories Backlog
User Stories that could be used to enhance the project.

No document.

Future Hardware Development Steps
This file details the options available, the difficulties we experienced developing automatic location tracking and potential future solutions for indoor location tracking.
Designing ui d1yw4ynfmv
Team at work
It's a photo
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Img 2941 ftkyp4amz8


I Am Fine
Link to source code.



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