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Let There Be Smart Light!

A solution to identify and report city street lights that are not working and need to be repaired.

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Let There Be Smart Light!

Things used in this project

Hardware components

Intel Nuc
Arduino 101
Arduino 101

Software apps and online services

AWS Lambda
Amazon Web Services AWS Lambda
Alexa Skills Kit
Amazon Alexa Alexa Skills Kit


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Custom parts and enclosures

Find lights malfunctioning by address

Ask Alexa if lights in an address are working uses query as a skill


query to find when lights stay on

User asks Alexa which uses the query as a skill


Code to read the light sensor and create record

#include <unistd.h>
#include <iostream>
#include "grove.h"

main(int argc, char **argv)
//! [Interesting]
    // Create the light sensor object using AIO pin 0
    upm::GroveLight* light = new upm::GroveLight(0);

    // Read the input and print both the raw value and a rough lux value,
    // waiting one second between readings
    while( 1 ) {
        std::cout << light->name() << " raw value is " << light->raw_value() <<
            ", which is roughly " << light->value() << " lux" << std::endl;

    // Delete the light sensor object
    delete light;
//! [Interesting]
    return 0;


Gregg Reynolds

Gregg Reynolds

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I'm working with Iotivity in C, Java, and Clojure.
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Mauricio Chamat

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I enjoy solving problems by creating appropriate solutions and not developing a solution and waiting for a problem to solve.
Prathyusha Ganti

Prathyusha Ganti

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Ravi Ayyagari

Ravi Ayyagari

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Thanks to Richard Passo.


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